State and Local Governments

Position your entity to provide effective and efficient governmental services to your constituents.

Our CPAs and consultants can help you analyze and address financial, operational, and regulatory issues so you can focus attention on serving your citizens.

Learn more about our approach and experience serving state and local governments.

Three Ways to Save on Your Government Telecom Bills

A serious look at telecom costs can help state and local governments save a good chunk of money.

Address Scrutiny of Municipal Securities With More Disclosures

With a rising number of municipal bankruptcies, focus on unfunded pension obligations, and an economy that continues to grow at a very slow rate, state and local governments should submit more financial statement disclosures.

Five Benefits of Enterprise Risk Management

Organizations often find that ERM programs provide a combination of both qualitative and quantitative benefits.

State and Local Government Roundtable Series

A series of informal, peer-to-peer meetings is being conducted by CliftonLarsonAllen offices across the country. State and local government leaders will have the opportunity to share insights and ideas on timely topics, while networking with colleagues from other jurisdictions.

Health Care Reform Resource Center for Employers

Position yourself for success as the health care landscape shifts. Access health reform resources for employers.

Financial statement audits, reviews, and compilations

Apply industry knowledge to improve your organization's operations, increase efficiency and effectiveness, and increase the bottom line.

Compliance audits (HUD, OMB Circular A-133)

Adherence to regulatory guidelines is a key component to building trust. 

Performance and forensic audits

Be confident that your program will stand up to scrutiny.

Sourcing your audit can stabilize the audit process, manage costs, and drive business value.
Improve your financial operations and decision making ability without hiring additional staff.

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